ATSR Publication 4

The Artist's Process: Technology and Interpretation

Sigrid Eyb-Green, Joyce H. Townsend, Mark Clarke, Jilleen Nadolny, Stefanos Kroustallis (eds) London: Archetype Publications 2012
Paperback, 227 pages, 104 colour, 147 halftone illustrations
ISBN: 9781904982739 £38.50 / $75.00

The primary aim of the ATSR Working Group is to establish a focus for historical documentary source research and reconstructions on art materials and techniques. Documentary source research is often an essential component of conservation research, or art historical research. Reconstructions, a natural follow-on from the collection of information on materials and their use, can form an invaluable tool.

This publication is a collection of papers from the fourth symposium of the Art Technological Source Research Working Group held in 2010. The papers centre on the exploration of artists' practice from a wide range of disciplines and periods, as recorded in visual and written testimonies; from treatises and manuals to correspondence, ledgers, diaries and journals, as well as images such as paintings, prints, photographs and film.

The overall theme of this volume is the artistic process as manifested in the artwork itself and as documented in visual and written sources. While many of the papers look at the work of 19th and early 20th century painters, other topics include Baroque decoration, the controversy about paints in Germany in the early 20th century, and non-traditional oils in artists' oil paints. The many editions of Theophilus' Schedula diversarum artium and Alessio Piemontese's Secreti are listed and discussed. A number of sources that have previously received relatively little attention from scholars of art technology are considered, such as lawsuits, realia, diaries, and the use of modelling techniques from other fields that could be usefully applied to source research to give a clearer picture of the actual trends of development and use of new materials and technologies.

The artists whose works are examined include: Alonso Berruguete; Pedro Cabrita Reis; Goya; van Mander; the goldsmith Wenzel Jamnitzer; the pastel painter Rienk Jelgerhuis; Van Gogh; Edvard Munch and Lyonal Feininger.

Table of contents

From source to chronology: studies on macro-scale behaviour in art technology
Nicholas Eastaugh

Living sources: experts, masters and practitioners
Timea Tallian

Some thoughts on realia: material sources for art technological source research
Ad Stijnman

Judging art: lawsuits involving the painter and sculptor Alonso Berruguete as sources for art technology
Rocio Bruquetas and Stefanos Kroustallis

Reworking and reuse: adaptation and use in workshop texts
Mark Clarke

A short-title bibliography of the Secreti by Alessio Piemontese
Ad Stijnman

Theophilus: a methodological approach to reading an art technological source
Doris Oltrogge

A unique 12th-century illuminator's treatise: an original composition incorporated in the Brussels Compendium artis picturae
Mark Clarke

'The book on how one makes colours of all shades in order to illuminate books' revisited
Catarina Miguel, Adelaide Miranda, Marisa Oliveira, Maria Jočo Melo and Mark Clarke

A glimpse of the Renaissance: colours and geometrical patterns on a southern German game board of the late 16th century
Sabine Formánek

Identifying 16th-century paints on silver using a contemporary manuscript
Tamar Davidowitz, Tonny Beentjes, Joosje van Bennekom and Sara Creange

Saffron for purity: raw materials for the production of coloured glazes in 16th-century German recipes
Christoph Krekel and Helena Fuertes

An unknown art technological source for Austrian Baroque art: the diary of Abbot Hieronymus Ubelbacher of Durnstein for 1710-40
Manfred Koller

Raised decorations applied to Baroque polychrome sculpture in Coimbra, Portugal: the production of painter-gilders or sculptors?
Agnes Le Gac, Ana Isabel Seruya, Jean Bleton, Sung Voduy and Jose Carlos Frade

'To prepare white excellent...': reconstructions investigating the influence of washing, grinding and decanting of stack-process lead white on pigment composition and particle size
Maartje Stols-Witlox, Luc Megens and Leslie Carlyle

De Groote Waereld in 't Kleen Geschildert (The Big World Painted Small): a Dutch 17th-century treatise on oil painting technique
Arie Wallert

Sources for the study of pigments used by Goya and other 18th-century Spanish painters
Rocio Bruquetas

Instructions on the making of pastel crayons and their use in pastel painting: a manuscript in the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam
Idelette van Leeuwen, Arie Wallert, Cecile Gombaud and Joana Pedroso

Ernst Berger and the late 19th-century Munich controversy over painting materials
Kathrin Kinseher

Reconstruction and imaging of copy press samples
Agathi Anthoula Kaminari, Athina Alexopoulou, Penelope Banou, Philip Miller Tate and Eileen M. Buckley-Dhoot

Exploring an artist's practice: Edvard Munch's paint tubes
Hartmut Kutzke and Biljana Topalova-Casadiego

Interpreting Van Gogh's plein air painting practice: written sources versus painted image
Devi Ormond, Teio Meedendorp, Muriel Geldof, Luc Megens and Kathrin Pilz

Bernsteinlack, Vernis Vibert and Weimarweiß: the letters of Lyonel Feininger (1871-1956) as a key source for his painting technique
Albrecht Pohlmann

Shorter papers from poster presentations

A virtual colour reconstruction project for Romanesque wall painting in Sixena, Spain
Rosa M. Gasol

The painting process in the Bishop's Chapel in Gurk, Carinthia (Austria)
Markus Santner, Wolfgang Baatz, Renata Burszan and Jorg Riedel

Regraxar or glazing: aspects of this technique in a group of Portuguese paintings attributed to Francisco Joao (active 1563-95)
Helena Pinheiro de Melo, Antonio Joao Cruz, Jana Sanyova, Antonio Candeias, Jose Mirao, Sara Valadas

In search of van Mander's primuersel: coloured intermediate layers in early 16th-century Netherlandish paintings
Abbie Vandivere

Ground layers in Portuguese Baroque polychrome wooden sculptures: analytical results versus documentary sources
Carolina Barata, Antonio Joao Cruz, Jorgelina Carballo, Joao Coroado and Maria Eduarda Araujo

An approach to the analysis of Swedish painted wall hangings (1700-1870)
Ingalill Nyström

J.W. Schirmer's 19th-century use of grisaille underpainting
Borries Brakebusch

Industrial development of plastics and 20th-century art: new synergies
Silvia Garcia Fernandez-Villa, Margarita San Andres Moya and Selina Blasco

Sabu colours: vinyl artists' paints from the 1960s
Joana Lia Ferreira, Maria Joao Melo and Ana Maria Ramos

Ole Kandelin's painting processes and materials
Suvi Leukumaavaara and Seppo Hornytzkyj

Restoring Francesc Artigau's paintings from 1966
Anna Nualart Torroja, M. Jose Gonzalez Madrid, Marina Mascarella Vilageliu and Marta Oriola Folch

Materials and painting processes of Pedro Cabrita Reis: the artist's memory versus materials analysis
Ana Cudell, Antonio Joao Cruz, Ana Martins, Jorgelina Carballo, Ana Calvo and Sandra Saraiva

Around Theophilus: an expert meeting towards new standards in Theophilus scholarship
Mark Clarke and Ad Stijnman

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