ATSR Publication 3

Sources and Serendipity - Testimonies of Artists' Practice

Edited by Erma Hermens and Joyce H Townsend
London: Archetype Publications 2010
Paperback, 208 pages, 123 Illustrations
ISBN: 9781904982524 £37.50 / $65.00

The primary aim of the ATSR Working Group is to establish a focus for historical documentary source research and reconstructions on art materials and techniques. Documentary source research is often an essential component of conservation research, or art historical research. Reconstructions, a natural follow-on from the collection of information on materials and their use, can form an invaluable tool.

This publication is a collection of papers from the third symposium of the Art Technological Source Research Working Group held in 2008. The papers centre on the exploration of artists' practice from a wide range of disciplines and periods, as recorded in visual and written testimonies; from treatises and manuals to correspondence, ledgers, diaries and journals, as well as images such as paintings, prints, photographs and film.

Table of contents

Virtues and vices in late medieval art productions: the painter's progress to hell
Manfred Lautenschlager

Codicological indicators of practical medieval artists' recipes
Mark Clarke

Impossible recipes
Spike Bucklow

Romanian handbooks on manuscript illumination in the 18th century
Marta Ursescu and Sorin Ciovica

Art for war: washing materials and techniques in Spanish military mapmaking
Stefanos Kroustallis

Copper pigments in medieval times: green, blue, greenish-blue or bluish-green?
Catarina Miguel, Ana Claro, João A. Lopes and Maria João Melo

Documentary sources for the use of moulds in the production of tin relief: cause and effect
Jilleen Nadolny

Writing recipes for non-specialists c.1300: the Anglo-Latin Secretum philosophorum, Glasgow MS Hunterian 110
Mark Clarke

Comparative analysis of painting recipes: a new contribution to the study of the texts of the Strasbourg family
Sylvie Neven

Images of copper engravers and plate printers in their workshops 1545-1645: 'One picture tells more than a thousand words'
Ad Stijnman

Fine art materials in Vigani's cabinet (1704) at Queens' College, Cambridge
Lisa Wagner

The master's own hand? Contribution to the study of Rubens' retouching of monumental formats
Hélène Dubois

Oudry's painted menagerie: a technical study with reference to the artist's lectures on painting technique
Alan Phenix, Tiarna Doherty, Anna Schönemann and Adriana Rizzo

Studying the artistic process: Kupelwieser's fresco series History of Austria
Sigrid Eyb-Green, Wolfgang Baatz and Werner Kitlitschka

En plein soleil: Whistler, nature and memory
Erma Hermens and Margaret F. MacDonald

'To acquire a good name': specimens of 19th-century Persian tile-making from the Tehran workshop of the master potter Ali Muhammad Isfahani
Lore Troalen, Ina Reiche, Stefan Röhrs, Boris Pretzel, Lucia Burgio, Bhavesh Shah, Stˇphane Peschard, Clotilde Boust, Jim Tate, Graham Martin and Friederike Voigt

À la recherche du pigment perdu: a project on less well-known 19th-century pigments
Hartmut Kutzke and Doris Oltrogge

Technique and process in the papers of David Smith
Richard Mulholland

Challenging the material: artists' interview as a documentary source in the 1980s and 1990s
Paivi Kyllonen-Kunnas

Study of materials and techniques used in a Romanian illuminated medieval manuscript
Ileana Zizi Balta, Gheorghe Niculescu, Irina Petroviciu, Bruno Brunetti, Laura Cartechini, Francesca Rosi, Brenda Doherty, Alessandro Sassolini, Mihai Lupu and Ileana Cretu

Tracing the history of wall paintings through visual documents: the vault painting of the main hall at Verdala Palace, Malta
Theodora Fardi, Roberta De Angelis, Bernadine Scicluna and Daniel Vella

Study of a Portuguese 18th-century manuscript
Ana Freitas, Ana Claro, Maria João Melo, Conceição Casanova and Laura Moura

De/re-constructing Turner for research projects at Tate
Joyce H. Townsend, Jacob Thomas, Charlotte Caspers, Monserrat Pis Marcos, Anna Brookes, Bronwyn Ormsby, Stephen Hackney and Andrew Lerwill

The archives of Blockx, an Antwerp family of chemist-colourmen, founded 1865
Brian Dudley Barrett

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