ATSR Publication 1

Art of the Past - Sources and Reconstructions

Mark Clarke, Joyce H. Townsend and Ad Stijnman (editors)
London: Archetype Publications 2005
ISBN 1-904982-01-8 £37.50 / $65.00 Paperback 156 Pages

In October 2004 the Art Technological Source Research study group held a highly successful symposium at the Instituut Collectie Nederland, Amsterdam: Approaching the Art of the Past: Sources & Reconstructions.

Recipe books, treatises and manuals on artists' materials, tools and methods are of fundamental importance for an understanding of how art objects were made. Historically accurate reconstructions on the basis of these sources provide insight into the original appearance of an object, as well as workshop practices, and provide models for understanding material degradation. The interpretation of artists' intent rests on this kind of basic knowledge. For example: Van Gogh never intended the blossoms in his series of orchard paintings (Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam) to appear quite as pale as they look today. How would they have looked originally? The recipe sources and reconstructions may answer this and help us understand what has happened.

The symposium was held to discuss the role of source research and the use of reconstructions in the emerging field of art technological research.

Table of contents

Foreward - Ad Stijnman and Mark Clarke

Style and technique are inseperable: art technological sources and reconstructions
Ad Stijnman

The Cologne database for Medieval painting materials and reconstruction
Doris Oltrogge

Interpreting historical sources on painting materials and techniques: the myth of "copper resinate" and the reconstruction of indigo oil paints
Margriet H. van Eikema Hommes

Is gold and ingredient in Assyran-Mesopotamian written recipes for red glass?
Mark Clarke

Reflections on sources and reconstructions
Lorne Campbell

Reading technical sources
Arie Wallert

Munich Taxae project: the Kolberg inventory list of 1589
Andreas Burmester, Ursula Haller and Christoph Krekel

Page-image recipe databases: a new approach to making art technological manuscripts and rare printed sources accessible
Mark Clarke and Leslie Carlyle

Historically accurate reconstructions of artist's oil painting materials
Leslie Carlyle

Cobalt blue, emerald green and rose madder in copal-based mediums as used by the Pre-Raphaelites
Joyce Townsend

The Reconstruction of late 19th-century French red lake pigments
Jo Kirby

The Whistler Correspondence as a source of information on Whistler's studio practice
Erma Hermens, Margaret MacDonald

Representing authentic surfaces for oil paintings: experiments with 18th- and 19th-century varnish recipes
Leslie Carlyle

Sixteenth-century portrait miniatures: key methodologies for a holistic approach
Alan Derbyshire, Nick Frayling, Timea Tallian

Reconstruction of Albrecht Durer's drawing machine
Aurélie Nicolaus, William Whitney

A mediaeval colorant in the 17th century: turnsole
Arie Wallert

Sources and preparatory drawing in post-Byzantine iconography (15th-19th century): reproducing the reverse imprint technique of transferring praparatory drawing
Ekaterina Talarou-Ganitis and Vaios Vanitis

Rembrandt and burnt plate oil: new observations and proposals on Rembrandt 's painting medium
Phoebe Dent Weil & Sarah Belchetz-Swenson

Intrigues and trade in painting materials in 18th-century Havana
Carlos Venegas Fornias and Alberto de Tagle

Imitating ultramarine: artist's economies reconstructed
Sally Woodcock & Libby Sheldon

Blue smalt lacquers on silver leaf: Baroque and Rococo Polychromy in southern Germany
Mark Richter

Three-dimensional virtual restoration: techniques and case study
Angela Geary

Reconstructions of iron-gall ink recipes for the IncCor project
Ad Stijman

Compatibility of contemporary pigments in mixtures
Elzbieta Szmit-Naud

Painted skin: reconstruction of recipes for flesh colours in artist's manuals
Kathrin Kinseher

When glass is made of plastic: restoration of the model of the "Pavillon Saint-Gobain" for the international exhibition of 1937
Olivier Béringuer

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