ATSR Publications in ICOM-CC Triennial Meeting Proccedings

2011 Lisbon

J. Bridgland (ed.)
16th Triennial Meeting of the International Council of Museums
Lisbon 2011.
Almada: Critério-Produção Gráfica
(CD Publication).


Influencias ibéricas en la terminología de los materiales: breves apuntes

V.H. Antunes

A question of scale and terminology, extrapolating from past practices in commercial manufacture to current laboratory experience: the Winsor & Newton 19th century artists materials archive database

L. Carlyle, P.C. Alves, V. Otero, M.J. Melo, M. Vilarigues

Account books of the Royal Danish Painting Material Stores: a source on artists practice and material trade during the reign of King Christian IV

A.H. Christensen

Purpura and proto-changeant: the earliest representations of shot silk fabrics

M. Clarke, A. Vandivere

An unusual glazing technique on a Portuguese panel painting from the second half of the 16th century: materials, technique and reconstructions

H.P. de Melo, J. Sanyova, A.J. Cruz

Materials and techniques in viceregal paintings and sculpture in Lima – 16th and 17th centuries

R.B. Galán, A.C.L. de Letona, R.K. Arce, C.F. Vásquez, M.G. González, R.E. Cárdenas

A study in scarlet – vermilion red and colour paint formulations in medieval illuminations

C. Miguel, A. Miranda, J.A. Lopes, M.J. Melo, M. Clarke

Candido Portinari: materials and techniques of a Brazilian modern painter – part I

A. Rosado, L.A.C. Souza, E. Motta Jr., C.V. Teixeira, J.C. Portinari, I.C. Mendes

In search of van Manders primuersel: intermediate layers in early Netherlandish paintings

A. Vandivere

Safflower (Carthamus tinctorius L.) used as dye, pigment and rouge in China: modern laboratory preparations developed by critical interpretation of ancient texts

J. Wouters, C.M. Grzywacz, A. Claro


Les succhi derba

A. Minet

2008 New Delhi

J. Bridgland (managing ed.)
Preprints of the 15th Triennial Meeting of the International Council of Museums - Committee for Conservation,
22-26 September 2008, New Delhi, India.

Contemporary textual evidence for the use of pigments in Anglo-Saxon England in the absence of technical descriptions

Mark Clarke

One craft, many names: gilders, preparers, and polychrome painters in the 15th and 16th centuries

J. Nadolny

The journals of naturalists who visited Brazil in the 19th century: sources of information for paint materials and international trade

L.A.C. Souza

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