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making art technological sources accessible

Art Technological Source Research

A group concerned with the study of texts and images that describe artists' practices, such as recipe collections and handbooks.

In 2002 Mark Clarke was one of the co-founders of the ATSR international working group.

Reconstructed 19th century cochineal lake pigment

The main objective of the ATSR working group is to encourage research into art technological sources, i.e. historical documentary sources that describe and explain artists' materials and techniques, and to promote the use of these sources in a variety of related fields. 'Art technological source research' is an essential component of 'technical art history', of the science of conservation/restoration, and of art history.
ATSR is a working group of The International Council of Museums, Committee for Conservation (ICOM-CC).

Official ICOM-approved ATSR web page (at ICOM-CC)

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